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Yoga do it - YOGA•IN•BRYANSTON Sandton

Rhé taught yoga in Takamatsu !


From yoga in Bryanston to yoga in Japan.

Yoga at Michi Morioka's MM Yoga Studio

in Takamatsu was an unforgettable

experience - Thank you so much Michi

and Rainer- for organising the event,

and thank you to all the

enthusiastic participants!

Yoga in Bryanston a Japanese Rock garden

...and our impressions of Japan:

• incredibly beautiful

• delicious food everywhere

• great mutual repect

• wonderfully clean

• everything works

• we love you Japan!

Michi adjusting student in

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Michi's studio

Rainer in Michi's Takamatsu Studio

- Marichyasana III

Rainer in Michi's Takamatsu Studio

- Bakasana

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