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Tyrone Power Yoga & Personal Trainer


Private sessions


It is with great pleasure that Yoga Renew now offers Personal Training in our beautiful Bryanston studio.


Our Power Yoga Instructor, Tyrone is also a fully accredited resistance training specialist, who's expertise stems from the passionate pursuit of his own training endeavours.


Due to his advanced progression in the resistance training field and his deep interest in physiology, he obtained his ACE certified personal training qualification with distinction.


As a result of his experience over many years in the gym and yoga studio, Tyrone has developed a hybridised training package that merges the best of Yoga with the best of Resistance Training. His unique approach is geared at bridging the gap between flexibility and strength, with the aim of producing transformative results with minimal equipment.


Tyrone has researched a wide variety of supplement ranges, in order to source products that are natural and of the highest purity and quality. His product of choice, combined with his exercise protocol, will assist recovery, increase lean muscle mass and gently but consistently reduce fat.


Your personal goals may include:

• Building special muscle groups

• Enhancing core strength

• Firming specific areas eg. upper arms, tummy, buttocks

• Reducing waistline

• Improving general fitness

……in short – look stunning!


For more details/rates and to book your private sessions with Tyrone:

Cel: 072 341 6080


On commencement of training we require: a clean bill of health and fitness from your doctor or healthcare professional.


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