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Yogadoit - offers a unique yoga experience in Bryanston.
The studio environment is peaceful, quiet and secure.
Both the Iyengar and Power Yoga styles are practiced here.

Setting aside the time to de-stress not only helps to regain poise, but is also a sound investment in health and well-being.‘Yoga Do It’ provides a sanctuary where this balance can be restored.

Yoga studio in Bryanston A
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Iyengar Yoga focuses on making yoga accessible to everyone both male and female of all ages, by utilising a variety of props like blocks, straps and bolsters. Emphasis is placed on body alignment, sequencing of postures and timing.


​Power yoga is a more vigorous, fitness-based approach Vinyasa (flowing style, in which you move from one pose to another while focusing on the breath). Although it is modeled on the Asthanga method,  it does not follow a set sequence, and places emphasis on strength and flexibility.


Iyengar Ohm in Bryanston Studio

Rhé Wessels:​

Rhé has been practicing yoga for over sixteen years, is an accredited Iyengar Yoga teacher, and opened her Bryanston yoga studio in 2006. She has fine-tuned her teaching approach, to assist students in building not only more flexibility and strength, but also in releasing stress and obtaining inner peace and tranquility. She believes that yoga is not a quick fix, however wonderful results are gained by practicing these postures that seem deceptively simple yet are very powerful. Students not only look and feel better, but have increased energy, sleep better, and are more prepared for life’s challenges.

Tyrone Wessels.

Tyrone is our Power Yoga Instructor. Many of you already know him as a dedicated fellow yogi in the class. Tyrone has always taken a huge interest in physical fitness. He started doing Karate at the tender age of six, and obtained his JKA Black belt at eighteen. In addition, he participated and excelled in cricket, golf and squash (representing Gauteng for two years during his final years at school). He holds a private pilot's licence (PPL), and a degree in Business Marketing (BBA) from the IMM. He started yoga in the Bryanston studio as a young boy and attended classes in Iyengar from 2006. As an avid sportsman, gym-goer and fitness enthusiast, he has acquired vast knowledge about fitness, nutrition and exercise, and is an accredited Personal Trainer. He found the Power Yoga style not only challenging, but also suited to his approach to health and fitness, and obtained his Power Yoga International Teachers qualification with honors. He recently visited to the UK and USA for four months in order to research the Health and Fitness industries there, and is currently completing a Sports Nutrition qualification.

Tyrone Power Yoga in Bryanston
Yoga class in Bryanston
Rhe Iyengar Yoga in Bryanston
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